Since 1997, Chef José Alfredo Cruz has poured his passion for all things culinary into every dish that he meticulously crafts. After returning from Vermont in 2001, where he attended the New England Culinary Institute, José moved back into the neighborhood where he grew up, Lavaca. It was here that he brought plant-based dishes to potlucks for friends, family and neighbors to enjoy. With the encouragement of the community and his partner, Tiffany, potlucks turned into larger events.



Steadily, Señor Veggie has grown into a successful catering company that emphasizes delicious, healthy and compassionate food. At the end of 2012, Señor Veggie joined the Quarry Farmers & Ranchers market to provide delectable Vegan eats to the masses. Along with making new friends, we have been able to open a brick and mortar shop. Señor Veggie is committed to maintaining the attention to detail in every bite that has been the trademark since its inception.